Waste treatment and recycling

A whole plant entirely dedicated to storage.

Waste collection and transport

We can handle large quantities of waste and large contracts. 

Equipment rental

We can provide customized solutions for our clients.

Brokerage and trading refuse

The waste recycling process holds no secrets for Ecocart.

Respect for the environment

Ecocart can optimize processes and costs, making major savings for clients. 

Micro and macro collections

We collect and transport waste using trained staff and licensed trucks.

Large fleet of trucks

We offer ongoing technical assistance and correct maintenance of all equipment supplied.

Environmental policy

Waste handling without storage. We are the connecting ring between the main players in the cycle of waste management.

zona recupero e smaltimento rifiuti

Ecocart provides ecological services, that is the collection, removal and transport of special waste (dangerous or not), temporary storage and treatment of non-dangerous special wasteas well as the sale of the treated products.

Despite being a company traditionally dedicated to the recycling of waste paper, which is our core business, Ecocart has diversified and become one of the leaders in the management of waste in general.